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Expert activities

The Research Council of Lithuania has been carrying out expert work since it was founded in 1991. The council’s suggestions and recommendations regarding research in Lithuania and the strengthening of Lithuania’s international research relations are submitted to the Seimas and to the government.

The Council organises assessments of research and arts activities that are carried out in Lithuania, along with assessments of research doctorate programmes and art doctorate programmes. It submits conclusions regarding which research and study institutions in Lithuania are to be authorised in order to provide doctoral studies, as well as providing assessments of long-term institute programmes and creating the guide for research infrastructures in Lithuania.

The council invites experts to evaluate proposals that are delivered for research funding, research-related activity projects, and reports for research which has already received funding. The lists of experts who are responsible for evaluating certain proposals that are competing for funding and also certain reports are published every two years. In regard to evaluations that are funded by the European Union investment funds, the lists of experts are published after the conclusion of every competition.

In order to attract foreign experts, the council co-operates with the research councils of Norway and Finland, as well as with expert institutions in other countries. In 2015, the research councils of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia signed an agreement to improve the assessment of research work, along with the communication of research results, and the development of research infrastructures, aiming to develop a common progress for research that is carried out within the Baltic region.