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State Lithuanian Studies and Dissemination Programme for 2016-2024

The State Lithuanian Studies and Dissemination Programme for 2016-2024 is the main tool to coordinate and integrate the principal Lithuanian studies and their dissemination in Lithuania and abroad. The frame of the programme ensures financing the majority of Lithuanian humanities and social studies as well as their publications.

The programme has contributed significantly to the broader concept of consolidation of Lithuanian studies comprising the whole of knowledge from various fields of Lithuanian science. This knowledge essentially extends the research field of Lithuanian science from the thematic, geographical and linguistic points of view. It became a continuation of the very first programme (National Lithuanian Studies Development Programme 2009-2015) launched by the Council in 2009 and dedicated to Lithuanian studies.

The programme aims:

  • To develop Lithuanian studies, including all sources of Lithuanian studies and special databases
  • To strengthen national and international dissemination of Lithuanian studies as well as researchers cooperation worldwide
  • To ensure the publishing Lithuanian studies works, including electronic publishing

The programme implements the priority of the Lithuanian studies (Lithuanistics development) strengthening the contribution of the Lithuanian studies into the development of the national humanities, and thus creating a scientific basis for the civil and cultural self-consciousness in Lithuania, as well as the preservation of the Lithuanian heritage.


Contact Jolita Klimavičiūtė, +370 676 17699, jolita.klimaviciute@lmt.lt