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Researcher groups projects

Researcher groups projects provides a possibility for a researcher or a group of researchers to conduct research on their own proposed topic (bottom-up initiative).

To receive funding they need to prepare research project proposals and envisage both research and organizational steps to solve designated scientific tasks within the designated time. These proposals then compete for funding in two separate groups – Humanities and social sciences and Natural, Medical and Health, Agricultural sciences and Technology.

Submission of proposals

After the call for proposals is announced principal investigator together with implementing Lithuanian research and higher education institution can submit the proposal of the official form to the information system.

Projects, their implementers, partners and costs need to meet general requirements that are indicated in the General Rules for the Competitive Funding of Research and Dissemination Projects and other documents available for applicants. Special requirements indicated in the relevant call for proposals may also apply.

Evaluation of proposals

Proposals meeting the requirements of the administrative check are submitted for the expert evaluation performed in accordance with the Description of the Procedure of the Expert Evaluation of the Projects and their Reports.

Taking into account the number of proposals received, several proposal groups within each competition are usually formed for the expert evaluation, with each group being evaluated by few separate expert commissions consisting of Lithuanian and (or) foreign experts.

The task for the expert commissions here is to help select the most significant, original and novel research ideas and to empower the high-level researchers to achieve the highest potential to contribute to the research field.

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