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Implementing World-class R&D Projects

The activity is funded under Measure 09.3.3-LMT-K-712 ‘Development of Scientific Competences of Scientists, other Researchers and Students through Practical Research Activities’ (Funding instrument – European Social Fund). The implementation of the measure is managed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania and the Research Council of Lithuania.

The purpose of the activity is to enhance and improve independent scientific research and technological development seeking more knowledge and perception.

The budget call is €10 million.

Proposals should be submitted by the following eligible applicants:

The research leader* can be either an early-stage or an experienced researcher:

Early-stage researcher

Experienced researcher

A doctoral degree obtained no more than 10 years before the deadline for submission of applications indicated in the call.

A doctoral degree obtained no less than 10 years research experience before the deadline for submission of applications indicated in the call

* Specific requirements for the scientific achievements of the research leader are indicated in the guidelines for applicants


Project duration is from 42 to 48 months.

Maximum eligible costs per project is €600,000.

Project implementation costs: personnel costs of the principal investigator and the research group (unit costs).

Indirect costs and other costs according to the flat rate:

  • Travel allowances
  • Service expenses
  • Costs related to the acquisition of short- and long-term assets
  • Costs of depreciation of the long-term assets owned by the beneficiary
  • Project publicity costs
  • Other costs necessary to attain the project’s objectives
  • Indirect project costs (project administration and related costs).

Expected project results:

  • Research production in accordance with the model lists of eligible research and/or technological production of research and dissemination projects approved by Order V-2017 of the Chairman of the Research Council of the Republic of Lithuania of October 31, 2014.



Call of 3rd quarter of 2018

Submission of applications

4th quarter of 2018

Assessment of applications

4th quarter of 2018 – 1st quarter of 2019

Grant agreements

1st quarter of 2019


From 2nd quarter of 2019

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Contact: Eglė Miltakienė +370 604 76 394, egle.miltakiene@lmt.lt