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Lithuanian-Wallonian (Brussels)

Lithuanian–Wallonian (Brussels) Programme for Bilateral Cooperation in the field of Research and Technology Development aims to strengthen the bonds between countries, foster scientific cooperation as well as to contribute to the creation of a joint European Research Area.

Calls for proposals are announced once every 2 years in both countries. The corresponding parts of joint proposals have to be submitted to both Research Council of Lithuania and Wallonian National Research Foundation. The submissions are peer-reviewed by experts from both countries.

Evaluation criteria for the proposals:

  • Scientific quality and a nature of proposed innovation
  • Competence and ability of a scientific team to implement the project
  • Quality of the participating organizations’ infrastructure
  • Participation of PhD students and young researchers
  • Practical applications of the project results

Maximum project duration is 2 years. Only short-term visits to partner institution are eligible for the funding.


Contact: Kornelija Janavičiūtė, tel. (+370) 676 14 629, e. p. kornelija.janaviciute@lmt.lt