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Postdoctoral Fellowships

The activity is funded under Measure 09.3.3-LMT-K-712 ‘Development of Scientific Competences of Scientists, other Researchers and Students through Practical Research Activities’ (Funding instrument – European Social Fund). The implementation of the Measure is managed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania and the Research Council of Lithuania.

The purpose of the activity is to support post-doctoral fellowship studies.

Budget call:

Call of 1th quarter of 2019

Call of 2rd quarter of 2020



Proposals should be submitted by the following eligible applicants:

The research fellow:

  • Any researcher holding a doctoral degree awarded by a Lithuanian or foreign research and studies institution no more than five years before the deadline for submission of applications indicated in the call for proposals (this period doesn’t include maternity leave, paternity or child raising leave until the child is three years of age), who is actively engaged in the research activity provided in the project.

The fellowship supervisor:

  • Any researcher employed by the applicant institution and who is the supervisor of the work of the research fellow in the course of the project implementation.

Project duration is 24 months.

In the course of the project implementation the research fellow must be enrolled and attend a fellowship programme at a foreign research or studies institution, a research centre, a laboratory, a company, an institution, a library, an archive, an expedition etc. Minimum trip duration is one month. The overall duration of the trip may be broken down into individual parts, each of them no shorter than 15 days.

Maximum eligible costs per project is €72,450.

Project implementation costs: personnel costs of research fellow (unit costs).

Indirect costs and other costs according to the flat rate:

  • Travel allowances
  • Service expenses
  • Costs related to the acquisition of short- and long-term assets
  • Costs of depreciation of the long-term assets owned by the applicant
  • Project publicity costs
  • Other costs necessary to attain the project’s objectives
  • Indirect project costs (project administration and related costs).

Expected project results:

  • Research production in accordance with the model lists of eligible research and/or technological production of research and dissemination projects approved by Order V-2017 of the Chairman of the Research Council of the Republic of Lithuania of October 31, 2014.



Call of 1th quarter of 2019

Call of 2rd quarter of 2020

Submission of applications

2nd quarter of 2019

2nd quarter of 2020

Assessment of applications

2nd quarter of 2019 – 3rd quarter of 2019

2nd quarter of 2020 – 3rd quarter of 2020

Grant agreements

3rd quarter of 2019

3rd quarter of 2020


Expected: from September 2019

Expected: from September 2020

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 Contact: Ms Indre Dagiliene, +370 604 53910, indre.dagiliene@lmt.lt