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Competitive Research Funding

The Council of Lithuania is the principal national institution providing competitive R&D funding in Lithuania. 

The Council started conducting the programme based competitive R&D funding in 2009, focusing on financing high-level research projects. Half of the allocations for science in Lithuania are distributed via competitive funding programmes, with the other half remaining as the base funding. The Council regularly holds competitions for R&D in every area, taking responsibilities of conducting (administrative) verification, evaluation by experts, selection of winning projects and administrative management during implementation.

Every year the Council publishes more than in average 30 calls for proposals. The funding portfolio includes top-down schemes with pre-define research topics, such as National Research Programmes, national Lithuanian studies, as well as bottom-up schemes. The list of the programmes comprises in average 40 national and international programmes and the EU funds' means designed to proide funding for different research, career, mobility and dissemination activities.